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Ecommerce is the best platform for purchase of goods and services. Everyone knows that, because it help customers to save their time & efforts. As online sales are growing at an tremendous rate which has lead to cut throat competition among rivals.

At MakeUBIG, We provide Online Portal Customization for your ecommerce website that fulfils the new marketing trends. Our Team Works on Ecommerce Web Development & Design along with Payment Gateway & Paypal Integration which is essential to run your business online 24/7. Our Web Design team is expert in Magneto, osCommerce and Opencart framework to develop your website at a rapid pace.

E-commerce Application Development

Over the Internet there are millions of e-commerce website already and in this scenario anyone might think that having another e-commerce website for themselves is not going to help their business. This is an illusion and not the reality of the changing time as more and more people are preferring the online way than the traditional way. This is because now everyone is aware that Internet transactions are not executed over the client websites but over the payment gateway service provider websites. We provide e-commerce application solution to various clients having complex requirements for payment gateway integration.

Following are the technologies that are used for e-commerce website development:

Magento E-commerce Portal Development

For a completely customised e-commerce website solution we would suggest anyone to go for Magento, as this is the best framework available for e-commerce websites, although this is recommended for anyone who wants a complete custom e-commerce website developed from scratch. This means you will have to finalise the layouts , the product listing page, the product detail page, the offers and schemes that are going to be implemented.

Average time of completion of such projects is between one month to 45 days.

Benefits of having a customised Magento application:

1. Magento is best framework developed for e-commerce website development.
2. Multiple store management is the biggest benefit that Magento offers.
3. You can get completely customised layout for inventory management and have complete control over the different kind of schemes and offers to be provided.
4. SEO is also considered as one of the biggest benefit of using Magento.
5. Easy to add multiple versions of a product also relating multiple products.
6. Pre-built marketing tools are available for magenta applications.
7. Support for creating orders invoicing and billing is great.

Who Should Not Go For Magento to Application:
If you have a unique product and you want to just try out the response of audience for your product you should rather go for WordPress and Woo-Commerce set up just to have a trial run for audience response to your product.
Magento is for people who have a complete understanding of the products and offers they’re going to provide to their customers.
Although Magento is for e-commerce websites but it takes time into development as earlier discussed it takes almost 1 month to 45 days to complete a magento project.

Open-cart Solution

Open cart is a PHP based extension that can be integrated into your custom framework. It is one of the best E-commerce extension that is available for custom frameworks like cake PHP, Laravel, Zend framework, Yii based applications and other PHP frameworks.

If you are using a composer-based set up for your customised PHP application then you can easily integrate open cart in your application.

Following Are The Benefits of Open cart:

1. Pre-built templates available for product display and product details page.
2. This considered as one of the cart solution that will not degrade your website performance and is considered as one of the fastest cart solution.
3. Multi store management facility is also available in open cart.
4. Multiple tax zone support , multiple payment gateway support and multiple reporting style makes open guard one of the best e-commerce solution provider framework

Who should not go for open cart:
If your application is built in .net framework then you will not be able to use the benefits offered by Open cart.

WordPress and Woo-commerce Solution

WordPress is one of the most popular CMS Application that is available right now. The most popular e-commerce solution that goes with WordPress is Woo-commerce. It is a plug-in that comes with by default support of PayPal and also if you want to integrate any other payment gateway solution you can do so by some tweakings into the woo-commerce plug-in.

Woo-commerce is most popular among WordPress users who wish to run a small store using WordPress set up. Although this is easy to set up you cannot run a very big store using the wordpress and woo-commerce set up as the performance of wordPress Degrades with increasing number of products

Who Should Not Go For WordPress and Woo-commerce Set Up:

Anyone planning to execute a big store with huge range of products and categories should not consider WordPress as their solution as the performance of WordPress degrades overtime and product addition.
It is a great set up for a small store with small category range as setting up a WordPress-woocommerce set up is one of the fastest e-commerce set up that is available there.

We have provided Complex Web Portal Development Solution to various clients from all over the world.

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