Search Engine Optimization Services (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation

Is the process of optimising the website according to the keywords that are used as search terms on search engines.

This is the most organic way of presenting your website to the potential client as most of the clients uses search engines to reach a website and if your website is search engine optimised then it will be ranked higher on the search engine platforms.
Although this is organic and long persistent way of representing your website to the client but it is the one that takes most time to succeed and requires regular efforts in order to remain on the top of the charts of search engine platforms.

There Are Two Ways of doing Search Engine Optimisation

1. On Page SEO:

We add certain keywords on to our website for which we want our website to rank. After adding these keywords onto our website we also have to make sure that search engines are able to detect those keywords onto our website. For that we have to add our focus keywords into several parts of the content.

In this way of adding content onto the website is called as On Page Optimisation or On-Site Optimisation.

2. Another way of doing SEO is off page SEO. This process includes following:

Link Building

Link Building it’s a process of adding backlinks pointing to your website on different Internet sources may it be at business listing website or a normal blog website that allows you to add comments and replies to any asked questions. You can imagine backlinks as votes to your website for search engines to be able to decide where to rank your website, only difference in this kind of a voting is that Number of votes don’t matter as much as the sources of votes. To be shot a single good quality backlinks is better than 1000 bad quality back links. Higher the rank of the website from where are the back link is coming to your website the higher will be your websites’s ranking.

Local Business Listing

This is also one of the Best Organic SEO Strategies to get traffic for your website as local business discovery platforms or accessed by a lot of Internet users and creating an attractive profile on local business discovery platform will help in creating good traffic source for your website. There are various businesses Discovery platforms available according to the niche of your website. Look up for the best business discovery platform for creating great traffic sources.

Social Bookmarking

Your pages can be added onto different websites for other people to be able to discover your website this also helps in creating a great traffic source for your website as if there is a great content on your website that you want to showcase to the world Social Bookmarking is one of the Best Digital Marketing Practice to showcase your great content to the world.

Guest blog posting also called as Article Submission: There are various blogs submission websites available like blogspot being the top of them all where you can add your content for others to read. This is also an important online traffic source creation strategy as a lot of people read blogs through blog submission websites and if your website is not as popular as these platforms you can still showcase your best creative content onto these websites with link to your website that will allow users to discover your website. This also helps in promoting your business online as a lot of these blogs readers can become your potential clients.

Social Media Optimisation Services(SMO)

Digital Branding

This is the basic usage of a Social Media Platform that is organically sharing whatever new content you discovered online or whether you are trying to promote your website using best social media practices without investing any money on promotion of your content so that others can have a look at what ever you have to share. This is organic but a lot of social media platforms do not allow more than 10% penetration of your social media content , in order to show your content to large number of users you have to spend some money on these platforms. This is called as Digital Branding. We at MakeUBIG are amazing at creating attractive content to be used for social media marketing. MakeUBIG is the Best Digital Marketing Agency for great content creation, getting great engagements on your social media platforms.
Another reason why we say MakeUBIG is the best marketing agency is because we create customized marketing automation scripts to automate client acquisition on social media platforms. This is done by adding post to your pages automatically whenever your target audience appearance on these platforms is highest, also we make sure that our social media marketing automation scripts inform you about any comments received by clients on to your email so that you will be able to reply to your potential client on time.

Social Media Marketing Services(SMM)

Social Media Optimization is similar to Search Engine Optimization although here our target is to get more clients using the social media platform only be it Lead Generation, Digital Branding Client Engagement, or just showcasing your amazing content to the world to get inbound Leads. Social Media Optimization also includes posting content onto different sales group available on these platforms. The sales group include people who are interested in deals available online so by adding Products in these sales Group as an offer we have Great chances of generating leads through Social Media Platform.

MakeUBig follows the Best Digital Marketing Practices for optimal client acquisition. We strive to be the Best Digital Marketing Agency by use of our customised marketing automation strategies. In addition to all of the above mentioned services we also
work on Online Reputation Management for our clients by adding reviews into local business discovery platforms and local business reviews platforms.

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White Hat Techniques
We use only White Hat Techniques which are confined to Google’s Webmasters guidelines for promotion of your website on Search Engine Result Pages(SERPs). We do Quality Link Building to eliminate Spammy links which can harm your website.
Guaranteed Unique Content
We provide 100% unique and fresh content for your focused keywords. You can always test the content quality through plagiarism test for high quality content assurance.
Marketing Automation Services
Social Media Channels play a crucial role to promote your business. We use Marketing Automation Tools to synchronize and synergize diverse social media platforms.