Paid Promotion and PPC

Google Adwords Promotion

Pay Per Click(PPC) is the process of promoting your business online by paying some specific amount to Google in case of google adwords or to any social media channel. The Cost depends upon number of clicks your adds gets while your campaign is in execution.

Google Adwords is an online advertising platform that helps you reach your potential customers and provide pay per click (PPC) option which is also known as CPC (Cost per Click). PPC allows Advertiser to bid for specific keywords using google Adwords and subsquently your website is displayed at top level of SERPS according to user’s intent and keyword relevancy. Besides, CPC you can also pay according to number of times your add appears in SERPs which is known as CPM (Cost per Mille) i.e. Cost per 1000 impressions.

Dont worry if you only have an android App. CPI (Cost Per Installation) is specially developed for mobile applications where advertiser has to pay for number of times the app get installed.

But what for ecommerce websites which can’t spend hefty amount just on CPC for their specific product. Well, we have CPA (Cost Per Acquisition) in which an advertiser has to pay only when a transaction is successfully completed. Similarly, Cost Per Lead(CPL) comes into action whenever a lead is generated in form of signup, Subscription etc.

We can execute PPC on both social media and search engine. PPC  for Social Media is not that different from search engine’s PPC. It follows same Paid marketing concept but on hetrogeneous platforms.

MakeUBIG is one of the Best PPC Agency in Delhi which offers Affordable SEM(Search Engine Marketing) Services and Social Media Automation.

Facebook Paid Promotion

According to pew social media update 2016, among 1 billion Facebook profile, 83% were women and 75% were men 88% were 18 – 29 years old and 84% were 30 – 49 years old.v 82% were college going students and 77% were from high school or less. Top 3 Countries which used facebook were USA(12%), India(10%) and Brazil(7%).

If your target audience complies with the above criteria you can Execute Paid Promotion on Facebook to grow your business client engagement.

Posting on facebook between 1PM – 4PM results in higher click through rates. The number is peak around 3PM and hits rock bottom around 8:30 AM on weekends and after 8:30PM people have better things to do.

Instagram Paid Promotion

Within a six-month period in 2016, Instagram grew its daily user count by 100 million users. Now, there are around 600 million active users on Instagram. According to Instagram press page, 38% of Women and 26% of Men use Instagram, where 59% are between 18-29 and 33% are between 30-49. 37% are college going students, 33% are college passout and 27% are from high school or less. If your target audience complies with the above criteria you can Execute Paid Promotion on Instagram to grow your business client engagement.

Monday – Fridays are the strongest days to post and Monday tends to drive most engagement out of the week. 3PM is the least optimal time to post. Most recommended posting time includes 3AM, 8AM and 5PM.

Twitter For Business (Paid Promotion)

Twitter is still a big question mark for some users, but for businesses, agencies and enterprise organizations, it’s the lifeblood of social media engagement. Twitter is growing more popular as the top option for social customer service.

According to Twitter’s About page, 25% Women and 24% Men use twitter regularly. 36% were in age between 18-29 and 23% were between 30-49. 20% were high school students, 25% were college going students and 29% were college passout students.

If your target audience complies with the above criteria you can Execute Paid Promotion on Twitter for Business to grow your business client engagement.

People usually check their twittersphere during lunch. So, Peak time is around 9AM -3PM and Best time is around 1PM-3PM during weekdays and worst time is around everyday after 8PM.

Linkedln Paid Promotion

Known as the largest social media network for professionals, LinkedIn demographics still provide plenty of additional insight into target audience. There are currently more than 467 million registered members and 133 million come from the US.

According to Linkedln’s  about page 27% Women and 31% Men use Linkedln professional service among them are 34% between 18-29 and 33% between 30-49. 27% are College Going Students and 50% are College passout students.

In terms of job employment, 35% were employed and 17% were not employed. If your target audience complies with the above criteria you can Execute Paid Promotion on Linkedln to grow your business client engagement.

Best time for Linkedln engagement is around is noon and 5PM -6PM on weekdays.

Pinterest Paid Promotion

Pinterest is a growing source for businesses and brands who are increasing their presence across the social media landscape. According to Pew Social Media Report, 45% Women and 17% Men adores Pinterest. 36% are 18-29 and 34% are 30-49. 24% are High school students. Both College going students and college passout students shares 34% each.

If your target audience complies with the above criteria you can Execute Paid Promotion on Pinterest to grow your business client engagement.

Pinterest is the king of Infographic content and is for day dreamers who are looking for home decoration hacks, delicious recipes etc. Best time to create your pin on pinterest is on weekends or 3PM on weekdays. Worst time is during office hours i.e. 10AM – 7PM.

Select the correct Social media channels According to your  business type:

Business types for Facebook

Local Businesses(hotels, gyms, restaurants) will receive more success rate here rather than on other social media platforms as it is easier to target audience through suggested friends and likes.

We can interact with our audience to discuss on a particular topic, to conduct polls on any specific topic  and create events.

Business types for Twitter

Well established business, medium to large brands or corporation can use twitter to communicate directly yet with specific people of the public. We can tweet our ideas, aspirations and facts to reach masses and reply to other people’s tweet separately to gain more insight and strengthen relationship.

Business types for Instagram

We know that Instagram is a more of visual social media platform rather than textual. This means that your ideas should be visually appealing. Fashion brands, home decor, cosmetics products, toys etc are various items which trend on instagram.

Video last for only 60 seconds. Visual content in the form of videos and images should be posted at regular intervals to engage more audience.

Business types for Pinterest

Pinterest is also similar to Instagram as visual content dominates here.

But, the major difference is the presence of pins and board in Pinterest. We can create a specific board similar to album and pin relevent photos. Majority of  Pinterest users are women as they maintain collection of items like makeup accessories, flowers, paintings, clothes etc in the form of board and pins.

So, if  you want to establish your brand visual content should be posted at regular intervals. This is a hotspot for Designers and artists.

Business types for Linkedln

Linkedln is a business and employment-oriented platform which connects employer and employee. Majority of users are working professionals, freelancers or freshers in a hunt for a job. So, Linkedln is the best way to hire human resource for your business based upon skills, expertise and experience.

At, MakeUBIG we ensure that your business promotion is executed on suitable platform according to niche of your business complying to above criteria, so that maximum lead is generated in minimum cost and  thus, more ROI (Return on Investment).

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