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Automation is not a new technology and has been in the industry for long but it is now that the marketers and entrepreneurs have started using it for the website or the brand promotion over the Internet. Marketing Automation solves a lot of recursive tasks that the owner had to do by himself. Marketing automation can solve small problems like re-posting the reply to all clients or sending mail to all the queries received through website, to a complex problem like managing campaigns, increasing or decreasing the Campaign Budget, Posting Content from the website on to the social media, checking the performance of the post content and re-marketing if required. Marketing Automation is done by the developer with a custom script written to solve the problem and hence reduce the owners effort and saves owner’s time for other important tasks like improving the product quality, better client engagement,

There are various types of automations that are done by MakeUBIG:

1. Reply Automation: this is one of the type of marketing automation that is seen very common when you send a reply to Company and receive an automated reply from the company side that is a simple example of reply automation.
2. Social Media Marketing Automation: Social media marketing automation is one of the kind of automation that is growing on a daily basis. Post scheduling post retargeting, re-marketing of earlier successful posts are some of the examples of the tasks that can be automated using social media marketing automation.
3. Marketing Campaign Automation: If I would say that one day your marketing campaigns will not be manage by yourself, or by any marketer out there that would not be the task from future but it is actually going on right now,

your banner retargeting is managed by Google automated campaign management algorithm already, the day when your marketing campaign will be managed by an automated campaign management tool in which you just have to set up the conditions for the campaign to rise the budget and the conditions when the campaign has to go down as well by setting up the campaign Target completion you will decide when the campaign should stop.

Does that sounds too futuristic?

4. Email Marketing Automation :email marketing once considered as dead is now proving out to be one of the best marketing and re-targeting strategy available as Affordable Marketing Strategy.
This has become one of the best way to present any suggestion to the interested subscriber or to any new target. Email marketing is considered better than banner retargeting as if user does not want to engage with the content it is not following the user on different platforms.

5. Tasks Scheduling and Reminder Automation: Automation is not only used for Email and SMS campaigns but can also be used for event and function reminders, a lot of people subscribe to certain kind of events over the Internet but with time forget about the subscribed events, this kind of automation scripts remind users about upcoming events and help them make arrangements before the due date is nearby. Not only does it help the user in making the arrangements before time but also helps the service provider into taking feedbacks after the event is over. This not only serves the client user experience but also to the service provider it helps in improving their services over time.

The MakeUBIG Advantage:

Marketing Automation is the prime focus for MakeUBIG and we have always been aware of its potential. We are trying our best to provide our clients with Best marketing experience not only by human efforts but also automating some tasks for their website, their social media channels, the landing pages, any other services that our customers are expecting our help. We are sure with time we will become one of the Best Marketing Automation Service Provider. Currently we have automating experience with almost all the above-mentioned automation techniques.

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Social Media Marketing Automation
Through Marketing Automation technology, We automate various tasks like automated Comment response, Automated likes and scheduling of media to be uploaded.
Customer Acquisition Automation
We automate customer acquisition activities like Lead Management and CRM integration. We provide information through email about number of leads received etc.
Complex task Automation
We are ready to automate any complex or customised task according to client’s requirement which will gradually reduce time and resources.