Email / SMS Marketing

Email and SMS marketing

We know that use of Electronic and SMS services have eliminated the traditional pigeon system and hence distance between are loved ones have been siginificantly reduced. Email and SMS services also help to establish your brand online and yield leads by the process known as Email and SMS marketing which is one of the major pillar of digital marketing.  Email and SMS Marketing provide an edge over other Marketing techniques as they maximize Brand Awareness in minimum time duration and moreover  at a decent price.

Do you know that 71% mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by email marketing. Moreover, with growing demand of Affordable Email/SMS marketing, the product promotion cost has been reduced significantly and hence resulted in more ROI(Return on Investment) for your business.

Bulk Email Marketing

We provide Bulk Email Marketing Services with dashboard to track the open rate of sent emails. Email Marketing is considered as Cheap Digital Marketing Solution. We offer multiple server delivery network to promote spam-free bulk Email Marketing. We have efficient customer support to assist you with your queries and problems so that your brand reaches to masses in an effective way.

Bulk SMS Marketing

The average person looks at his/her phone 150 times per day. Bulk SMS Marketing is a great marketing tool to grow your business in less time.SMS Marketing is also considered as Cheap Digital Marketing Solution. Both transactional and promotional Bulk SMS Marketing is offered depending upon customer’s requirements including DND number filter and SMS tracking.

MakeUBIG provides timely bulk Email and SMS Offers to its regular clients throught email notifications. We use Marketing Automation software so that your business ideas are delivered to accurate and maximum target audience and thus more leads for your business. For Cheap bulk email/sms marketing service contact…. Customer’s satisfication is our agenda.

Select your Business type

* Below packages are customisable as per client requirement
No. of Email with Packages
  • 50 K /month for Individual
  • 1 Lakh /month for Start-Up
  • 3 Lakh /month for Level 1+ Start-Up
  • As per business/month for Market Leaders
No. of SMS with Packages
  • 50 K /month for Individual
  • 1 Lakh /month for Start-Up
  • 3 Lakh /month for Level 1+ Start-Up
  • As per business/month for Market Leaders

Tools we used

Why choose us

Multiple Delivery Server
We provide multiple delivery servers in Email Marketing to avoid spamming along with DND number filter and enhance lead generation.
Campaign management Dashboard
Dashboard facilities with real time SMS tracking for both promotional and transactional SMS at an Affordable price.
Marketing Automation Services
We use latest Marketing Automation Tools to ensure that the information reaches to target group of audience in minimum time and hence eliminating spam.