Black Hat SEO is a practice that involves improving the ranking of your website or pages violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines. There are many Black Hat SEO Techniques. They use some method to be fool Search Engine Crawlers or manipulate Google Search Algorithms.

Black hat SEO techniques can be beneficial in the short term, but they face serious consequences in the long run and the concerned website ae even get penalised.

Some of the Black Hat SEO Techniques are as follows:-

(1). Keyword Cloaking:-

Keyword Cloaking is a Black hat Practice to fool Search Engine by showing different content to search engine bots and different content to users. According to Google Keyword Cloaking is defined as –

-> Serving a page of HTML text to search engines while showing a page of images or Flash to users.

-> Inserting text or keywords into a page only when the user agent requesting the page is a search engine, not a human visitor.

Here is how Keyword Cloaking is done Step by Step :-

-> Two different sets of content is prepared for site engaged in Cloaking. One Targeted for search Engine Bots and the other one target for Humans. Bots and Humans are differentiated according to their IP Address.

-> Since Bot’s IP can change, Black hat informants provide a regularly updated list of bot IP Addresses.

-> Bots are served with Quality Content with related Keywords.

-> Human Visitors would not find the appropriate information despite high ranking of website.

(2). Keyword Stuffing:-

Keyword stuffing is an old technique which helped webmasters to rank higher in the search engines. Keyword Stuffing means targeting excessive keywords in Content. When the keyword is stuffed Visitors may become irritated and some will even leave your website page and will lead to increase in bounce rate. But now, with the evolution of Google Latest Algorithms Updates, Keyword stuffing can easily be detected and it leads to Google Penality.

(3). Doorway Pages:-

Doorway pages also known as Gateway pages are keyword-rich, content-poor pages designed to fool search engines. A focused Keyword is taken into account and when user clicks the page shown in SERPs in response to query, it redirects to other website. They majorly focus on calls-to-action and links that send the users through to a landing page.

In 2015, Google launched a new doorway page penalty algorithm especially for this type of technique.

(4). Duplicate Content:-

As the name suggests, duplicate content or content theft refers to content which is stolen from other website. This is most commonly known as plagiarism. Search engines prefer unique content to provide to the users which is why duplicate content across different website is perceived as one of the worst black hat SEO techniques and leads to penality. Search engines do not index the original content more than once.

(5). Article Spinning:-

Article Spinning means rewriting an existing article through synonyms or using similar phrases without changing the actual meaning. It is one of the Black Hat SEO Techniques.

(6). Link Exchange or Link Buying:-

Outbound Links or Commonly known as “Backlinks” will enhance your website Domain Authority & Page Authority. Moreover, Search engine starts giving priority to website with Quality Backlinks in SERPs (Search engine result Pages).

Buying links or doing link exchanges to get a huge number of links is an illegal SEO Technique.

(7). Negative SEO:-

Negative SEO also known as Google Bombing is a process to reduce Competitor’s ranking. It includes creating Negative Pages, Spammy Backlinks and running Negative Media Campaigns. Nowadays, Search Engines are smart enough to detect Negative SEO.

(8). Cookie Stuffing:-

Cookie Stuffing is used mostly by Affiliate Marketers. They get commission even if the person doesn’t click through their link.This is done by referring people to the merchant’s website an then secretly loading the website (and dropping the affiliate cookie) in the background with the help of third party cookie installed in the user’s browser.

(9). Cybersquatting:-

Cybersquatting or Domain squatting means registering domains similar to a trademark for the sole purpose of getting financial benefits.The cyber squatter then offers to sell the domain to the person or company who owns a trademark contained within the name at high price.

(10). Mirror Sites:-

Mirror sites are used to reflect the original website content into a new Website in order to increase traffic and subsequently website ranking. To Prevent violation of Google Webmasters norms they try and convince you that they are using this technique just in case of DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

(11). Parasite Hosting:-

This black hat technique is based upon the principle that Google prefers domains that have strong authority. Someone who uses parasite hosting to boost a site’s rank in SERP will try to place backlinks on high authority sites. The Webpage redirects to a new page containing parasited domain that is created in order to rank for a specific optimized keywords. This technique is used without the webmaster’s permission and it is also illegal.

(12). Automated Google Queries:-

Sending automated queries to Google for a specific keyword to rank higher in SERP is a sign of Black Hat SEO activity. If you come under the radar , Google can ban your site.

(13). Private Blog Networks(PBN):-

Private Blog Networks (PBN) is a collection of blogs published to generate links to a site and increase ranking. It is a black hat strategy. Usually, PBNs are created using expired domains.

Expired domains already have link juice and it plays a significant role in transfering authority to another site with low authority. It is a powerful way of creating a massive number of links from different domains to a site. It is controlled over a Network. The main thing about Private Blog Networks(PBN) is that no matter how low quality content is, with the help of appropriate Anchor Text the shortcoming is compensated to a great extent.






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Black Hat SEO is a practice that involves improving the ranking of your website or pages violation of Google Webmaster Guidelines. There are many Black Hat SEO Techniques. They use some method to be fool Search Engine Crawlers or manipulate Google Search Algorithms.
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